What is an “Uncommon Engineer”?


I’m an uncommon engineer.

Not because I’m super technologically remarkable in any way, just that a Pasifika person working in tech (especially at the Senior Engineering end) is rare.

As at 2020, the number of Pasifika people working in tech in New Zealand was said to be 2%. So imagine what the IT sector was like when I first started almost two decades ago.

I started the Uncommon Engineer as a way to write my thoughts and perspectives on the movements and impacts of things like Cloud, Hacking, DevOps, Cyber Security and AI on the Pasifika community, as well as my experiences having worked across a range of engineering disciplines, both in NZ, overseas and internationally via remote work.

It’s part “tech newsletter” because I love thinking about and reading about all the things I mentioned above.

But also part “ranty blog” because I like ranting about society and the contradictions and hypocrisies of the world and life in general because I’m the heathen son of a preacher man and growing up religious is usually penance for some sins in a past life.

With all that being said, when it comes to most things tech (I need to really disclaimer this with “this is not iphone, or gaming rigs, or gadgets, tech”, this is computer programming languages, automation and software tech) I do know what I’m talking about and like to think I have a pretty insightful and unique perspective on things you usually hear from some white, Indian or Asian guy.

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